A New Era Of Pierogi Diversity Essay

1043 Words Apr 29th, 2015 null Page
The Pierogi is a traditional Polish dinner dish consisting of crispy dumplings filled with a savory filling of potato, cheese, and other garnishes. The traditional recipe calls for simple ingredients and no fuss. Though actual preparation time and the cooking processes can be length, the pierogi itself is unassuming. In recent years, however, many people (Polish and non-Polish) have attempted to reconfigure the typical recipe to make it more exciting and even more delicious. Due to the minimalism of the ingredients (if not of the cooking process itself) the Pierogi has become an excellent dish for experimenting with flavor, taste, texture, and style based upon personal preference. Thus, a new era of Pierogi diversity was born. Subsequently, I was surprised by the amount of work (and science) that goes into making a proper (or an original) pierogi. In addition, I had not expected that the pierogi had so much in common with dumplings, pastries, and other similar dishes that are beloved all around the globe. My traditional Polish family, however, was not so thrilled about drastic changes to family recipes when I breached the subject over family dinner. “A good Polish dumpling shouldn’t have fruit! Pierogi floats, it doesn’t freeze!” my grandmother (with her thick Polish accent) claimed, for instance. In an attempt to negotiate the Pierogi fervor overtaking my family, I decided to consider the implications of making pierogi and what the “best” Pierogi even means,…

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