A New Chapter Of Your Life Can Be An Exciting And Scary Time Essay example

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Beginning a new chapter of your life can be an exciting and scary time. Since you have done a great deal of work to forgive yourself and others there are a few things that are going to help you embrace the new future you are building.

Learning to walk took time. You may not remember, but you fell down. You could not keep your balance and there may have been bumps and bruises. The good news is that you did learn to walk. Another thing happened after you mastered that skill. Now here is another reminder. Sometimes you still trip and fall down. Most are a little embarrassed, but can brush themselves off and keep going. In this part of recovery and forgiveness, we simply practice new skills and prepare with a little first aid for those bumps, falls and bruises that may happen.

Sometimes the thoughts that are prominent in your mind have not made a complete transformation. It is okay. When they come don’t judge them, just let them go. There are a couple of ways to let go.

Some people can just imagine it floating away and be done. Some may do a little physical dance to remind them, this is over. Others may have to make some kind of intention statement like “I am willing to release all those negative thoughts and emotions for the greater good of myself and all involved and replace it with unconditional love.” Man, I felt that resistance! I did not say you had to love what happened. I said replace the emotion and memory with unconditional love.

It is hard to be angry and…

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