A Narrative Of Your Life Than You Essay

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A narrative offers the full story or at least the part of the story needed to treat that patient. Who is better to give the narrative of your life than you? One cannot deny that the narrative of the individual is important, however, it offers rooms for error. This could result from patients simply being insincere to their physicians or not remembering clearly. However, physicians have to rely heavily on the narrative of their patients as it is the best way to fully understand the illness, the symptoms and finally deciphering the best way to proceed. Scientifically, physicians know through biology exactly how the parts (organs and all) of the body are to function. When one visits a physician, it is more likely that some systematic flow in the body breached. The physician needs to figure out what is going on or not functioning in order to use his medical knowledge, thus, the physician begins questioning the patient so as to ascertain the needed information. It is up to the physician to interpret the information that is being meted out by the patient. Not only does this question the credibility of the patient, it attacks any claim about standards in medicine being objective since it relies heavily on the interpretation of the physician. However, the perspective on this, changes if a critic understands that narrative competence is a special set of skills acquired overtime by an experienced physician, which gives the ability to recognize, absorb, process and more importantly…

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