A Multicultural Classroom Starts With The Teacher Asking Themselves

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A Multicultural classroom starts with the teacher asking themselves “Who are my students”. Diversity in the classroom is such a huge factor that teachers need to realize. Racial diversity is one of the first thing you think of. Students of color now compromise approximately 40% of all students in Prek-12th grade public schools in the United States. Religious Diversity are increasingly getting more diverse and then culturally diversity can impact student learning and behavior. This type of teaching must support some key thoughts and ideas. Social Justice, Diversity, democracy, and equality. Cultural diversity is important because it provides acceptable patterns of behavior, predict how others will behave in certain situations, and determines how we think, feel, behave in society. A teacher the first thing you might do is go through cultural relativism, which is an attempt to understand other cultural systems in their own terms in the context of their own cultural beliefs. Most importantly you must understand you own culture before you can start to understand another one. Another term that goes with the topic of Culturally Responsive learning is Ethnocentrism. This word means respecting other cultures and functioning in multiple cultural groups, Ethnocentrism individuals see their own traits as superior to others. Through all of this, our cultural identity is found our identities in any single group are influenced by our historical and lived experiences and membership in other…

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