The Influence Of Her Writing: A Mother's Life

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She started to become increasingly worried about her writing and reading skills after high school. She had realized that her writing was needed to be changed some how but she didn’t know where to start or how to do it. She was one of those typical teenage girls that wants to hang out and have fun. She was spoil and still is and when it came to her education, her mother would always be on her case about it. Her mother use to check her work the first year in high school and she sometimes do the work but not completely or do the work but wrong, so her mother would make her redo it. In high school every time she gets her work back from the teachers they tell her the same thing all the time “you need to write better”. But they never told her how …show more content…
She writes as she speaks and its hard for her to put her thoughts together so she just free writes. She would write as she speaks and find it ridiculous and she does not know how to do it, she became lazy on her work because she felt that it was too much for her. She always felt ashamed on her writing because she uses to always think that people would make fun of her and she though she was the only girl that does not know how to write well. Her mother would constantly tell her to read more books and she just ignores her all four years in high school. So now she regrets not listening to her mother because once college start she feel like she going to fail all her writing assignments. Her mother would give her the lecture about college and work and she didn’t take it serious enough. In the end of her junior year she failed a couple of classes that had made her repeat the grade, however the high school she was in didn’t have the NYS regents’ exam. This goes back to her being lazy on her writing, she failed her 3 courses because she wanted to fall back on her work. She had transfer high schools and started going to tutoring for her writing and vocabulary. Since then, she realizes that college was around the corner and regret …show more content…
Her reading is not bad but it is not great either, she sometimes understands the topic but half the time she does not. She managed to leave it alone and ask someone else what was it about. She only reads when she has to and that is rarely because in high school she barely read books that was needed to be read. Reading is not what she likes to do but if the topic sounds interesting to her she would read it. However, with her reading is slightly not well because the vocabulary. Most of the time she does not know what the words mean but she just continues to read until she knows what’s going on in the reading. Writing is not hard but she feels like it is. She does not see her mistakes that often until someone else points it out. She sometimes gets off topic but sometimes struggles in trying to put her ideas on paper because either the topic doesn’t relate to her or she just doesn’t know how to start it off. In her years in high school, she did nothing but what was needed to be done and that’s it, she never put in extra work because she was was fine with where she was at.
In college, she is going to change her ways completely because she needs to be in college level writing and reading. She needs to start taking her time on her work and go to tutoring because she needs someone to explain to her briefly on what he needs to get done. She needs to not give

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