A Media Campaign For Adolescents About Healthy Eating The Risks Of Obesity

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For the interview portion, I asked them what key recommendations they would have for a Media Campaigns to Educate adolescents about healthy eating the risks of obesity. Their recorded responses are below:
• Tell them about what would happen in the future, free information on the Internet.
• Give examples, and then show how it can benefit you.
• If you don’t eat healthy then you will get fat and die.
• Using famous icons as examples.
• Before and after pictures
• That you can get diabetes and a possibility of death
• Tell them what will happen if they don’t eat healthy.
• YOU CAN DIE! Don’t write too much.
• Before and after pictures of kids that used the weight loss technique.
• Ads on TV or Internet that show the effects of what could happen to you.
• Put more sponsored ads on social media, such as twitter, Instagram and more.

Overwhelmingly it seem as if the adolescents preferred the use of scare tactics. Seeing what could become of you due to not eating healthy and obesity would be the most influential thing. What would they recommend as distribution strategies for media campaigns to educate teens about eating healthy and the risks of obesity, what are your preferred media channels?
Instagram IIIIII
Television IIIII Reality TV II Cartoon Network III
Youtube IIII
Snapchat II
Twitter I

The preferred media channel of adolescents was Instagram with Television coming in a close second. Although the other social media platforms made the list,…

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