A Matter Of Honor By Sheila Allison Essays

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In the case study A Matter of Honor, Sheila Allison is an African American Newton High School senior who is popular and athletic. In addition, she is a good student and received a congressional appointment to a national military academy. Soon after she received the news, Sheila is accused of plagiarizing a book review in an honors English class. Regardless of her extenuating circumstance, her teacher Mrs. Durnitz believes Sheila should be responsible for violating the plagiarism policy. The district’s policy is listed in the student handbook and states that students found guilty of plagiarism must receive a failing grade plus repeat the course. The honor classes teachers recommended this rule and the principal and superintendent approved it as well. This situation reveals issues including the political contexts in administrative decisions, ethical and moral dimensions of student discipline, and rational versus subjective decision-making. The constant conflicts that arise with the aforementioned issues may create many challenges for educational leaders. In any event, all problems should be handled appropriately and effectively.
Sheila, whether knowingly or not, violated school policy. Although there is a clearly stated disciplinary consequence for her action, the administrative staff conflict with enforcing that punishment. Mr. Furtoski, the principal, especially struggled with the decision because he did not want to supersede the teacher’s autonomy and rights to follow…

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