A Market Plan For Owls Essay

1248 Words Jun 5th, 2016 5 Pages
So I have been ask to come up with a market plan for owls. Owls I believe is a restaurant that is going to change the landscape of the restaurant industry. For we seek where others have left off and seek to grow well seek to fall. Why I’m I proud of Owls well I’m proud of Owls because its main goal is to make people feel good about themselves. It’s a place you want to go to all the time. Go even if you don’t plan on eating their. owls is a place where everybody knows your name. Owls is the mixture of a wing joint and a family restaurant. It’s the mixture of a Sports Bar and a fine dining place. Now you may be wondering how it can be all those things. Well let me tell you why and how it is. Owls might look like a building, but when you come inside it has a heart. It has a feeling that is almost holy. The people that work behind those walls are the back bone and the heart of Owls. The people that come to get a bit to eat are the blood of Owls. The managing staff is the heart. They make sure that the blood is pumping and they make sure that the back bone is standing tall and they are not bending over. Owls is more than anything it’s the heart of any Community and it gives back so that people My target market is one of a family that wants a night out after a crazy week and they need some time to reconnect. My target market is a young couple that is trying to still time for each other after they have been climbing that politlcal ladder. My target market is that man who has a…

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