Essay on A Look Into Ptsd : Research And Personal

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A Look into PTSD: Research and Personal
Jessamyn M. Kliewer
Hibbing Community College

Post traumatic stress disorder occurs after a person has experienced an event that is dangerous or scary. Not every traumatic event results in chronic PTSD or acute PTSD. An event doesn 't have to be dangerous for a person to develop PTSD either. Distressing events can lead to it as well such as a loved one passing on. PTSD can develop soon after the triggering event or years afterward. Recovery varies as well; some people recover within six months, others take much longer. In order to be diagnosed with PTSD, an individual must experience one of both an avoidance and a re-experiencing symptom. They also need two of each arousal and reactivity symptoms and mood and cognition symptoms. They must experience these symptoms for at least a month. Avoidance symptoms include avoiding thoughts, feelings, places, things, or thoughts that remind the person of the event. These symptoms can cause a person to go out of their way to avoid anything that triggers them. For example, a person in who gets into a car accident may avoid driving or switch their routes to avoid driving by the place where they got into the accident. Re-experiencing symptoms are night terrors, scary thoughts, and flashbacks. These symptoms can cause severe problems with a person 's day to day life. They can be triggered by a person 's own thoughts or by objects or situations that remind the person of the…

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