A Little Baby Girl By Rosa Louise Essay

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As the sun raised high in the sky on February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama, a little baby girl was born to Leona and James McCauley. Her parents named their first born, Rosa Louise. Two years later in 1915, Rosa’s brother, Sylvester was born. Her parents doted on both Rosa and Sylvester. Rosa’s mother was a teacher so she began to teach her children at an early age. Her father was a carpenter and provided for his family. When Rosa was four years old, her parents divorced and Rosa moved with her mother and brother to a town called Pine Level, Alabama. The little family of three lived on the farm owned by her grandparents.
Rosa’s mother taught at the African-American elementary school. This was a school designated for non-white students. Rosa became a student and excelled in her studies. It was very important to Rosa’s mother that Rosa graduates with her high school diploma. Unfortunately, this was a very difficult task for an African-American girl to pursue at this time in the United States of America. Rosa tried attending Alabama State Teacher’s College to get her diploma but unfortunately, her mother became extremely ill and Rosa had to drop out of school. This caring daughter wanted to be a support for her mother and became her caretaker.
In 1932, Rosa married Raymond Parks who was a successful barber in Montgomery, Alabama. Rosa was finally able to return to school and earn her high school diploma. Everyone was so proud of Rosa.
At this time in Rosa’s life,…

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