Essay on A Life Of Strengths And Strengths

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A Life of Strengths
Sometimes, I feel as if God has blessed me more the average person. I do not say this in an arrogant tone, but rather it is truly how I view the strengths that God has provided me. I never thought about the strengths that God has placed inside me until I took the Strengths Quest test. After I completed the test and received the results, I realized how truly blessed I am to own these unique strengths. My top five strengths, according to the results, are Ideation, Input, Strategic, Achiever, and Learner. All these strengths seem to intertwine together to form a skillset that is responsible for most of my success in life and is present in every aspect of my life today.
It seems that all my strengths are connected in some way, but there are strengths that distinctly connect together and play off each other. The first group has three of my strengths in it and plays a role every single day whether I am going to class or just walking out the door. Ideation, Input, and Learner form a powerful tool in learning information of any kind. Ideation is the fascination of ideas and discovering simple ideas hidden in a complex concept. I find this strength most prominent in my everyday life. Walking from class to class, I often think about everyday objects that could be innovated with a simple idea. I also use this when discovering difficult topics in class. Most times, I can discover the connection between one chapter and the next that makes learning and…

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