A Letter Of The National Honor Society Essay

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I’m honored to be soon a part of the National Honor Society. I hope you will decide to choose me. Why, you may ask. Well I, Brandy Lares, a senior at Crestwood High School, have a deep passion for helping others in need of assistance, and volunteering for several tasks. I hadn’t done Silver Cord hours during my freshman and sophomore year because I wasn’t aware what they were for. Towards the end of my junior year, I had a total of 35 hours done. It may not seem much compared to others, but during my 35 hours it didn’t even feel like I was volunteering. It felt like I made a huge difference in my community. Many people recognize me as a helper, for this reason I tend to help everyone I can, and this builds character. I’ve learned people, who tend to have significant character, often become someone essential in life.
I live by the six pillars of character everyday. My friends and acquaintances know me as loyal, trustworthy, respectful, responsible, caring, and fair. The reason why they believe that I’m an extraordinary person is I know how to keep secrets, and I rarely fall into the temptation of telling others, and dishonoring them. I respect everyone no matter what they appear like, and I am not prejudiced because it’s fallacious to judge someone just by their physical appearance. I take a note of everyone’s thoughts and opinions. I am aware no one is flawless, and I accept everyone just the way they are. My teachers know I am very responsible for my actions; I do all my…

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