A Letter About A Book ' Bitch ' Essay

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Chapter One
The sound of the door slamming was deafening to my ears. He slammed the door with a thunderous crash. I stood in the kitchen staring at the door for a long, quiet moment and then knelt down to pick up the pieces. I had given him a letter and he had torn the unread letter into tiny pieces and threw it at me before he called me a f**ing bitch and stormed out the door. He had never called me a bitch before as a matter of fact no man had ever called me a bitch. I considered the word “bitch “ to be one of the most derogatory things a man could say to a woman. Definitely, grounds for divorce. There I was picking up the torn pieces of paper looking at the words I had written earlier. Love, understand, counseling, can’t live and sorry. I had written him a letter because I was afraid to talk to him about our crumbling, non existent marriage. He was so volatile when I spoke to him about anything and I just knew if I asked him for a separation he would go ballistic. So there I was picking up the pieces of the torn letter when it hit me; I was picking up pieces of me. I was torn. I was broken. I was a bitch. I had been nagging him for 5 years. I nagged about wanting sex. I nagged about wanting to go out with our few friends. I nagged about his drinking and I nagged about his constant sleeping. I guess he was right, I was a bitch if being a bitch meant nagging for a better marriage. I wanted anything other than the emptiness and loneliness I felt in our marriage. Things had…

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