A Leadership Style And Sharing The Vision With Facility, Stakeholders, School Board Members, And Students

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Change can be hard for anyone and in any situation where change occurs there will always be people resisting and coming forward with concerns. To make people with concerns feel more comfortable a leader needs to have effective communication with all involved. They need to be able to listen and communicate productively. To help support the districts vision of moving forward in changing from a junior high philosophy to a middle school philosophy the first step that needs to be done, as a team, is creating a mission and a vision statement. A successful leader can participate; collaborate with anyone experiencing the change and get groups of people to work together in attaining a mission and vision statement. Using a collaborative leadership style and sharing the vision with facility, stakeholders, school board members, and students can gain trust. In order for collaboration to be successful the following questions should be asked and answered together. What do we do today? For whom do we do it for? What is the benefit? By answering these questions everyone involved can successfully determine the purpose and values of the school, figure out the responsibilities, and list the main objectives that support the school in accomplishing and meeting their vision statement. By having a mission statement the vision statement can come together with clarity and lack of ambiguity, paint a vivid picture for everyone involved, have realistic and achievable goals, and also align the…

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