A Leadership Management Training Program Essay

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Now-a-days the hospitality and tourism industry is a fast-growing industry, in which service and its people is a key factor for success. Having said this, recruiting the correct person with passion, able to be a good leader and manager will bring the positive side of the industry up by fulfilling the customers’ needs. How to achieve this? How the industry is able to meet all those needs and be sure their employees are ready to offer the service? One way to achieve this is to develop a leadership management training program. This program bases on the “application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to training activities to realize the outcome of training.” (“Manual on Training Management", pp. 1-20)
In order to be a good leader, one should possess management skills and vice versa. We can then consider a manager to be a leader, being the reason why people implement management leadership programs to develop those skills and meet the demand. The different skills needed includes; business skills, cognitive skills, interpersonal skills, personal values and strategic skills. (Kalargyrou, Pescosolido & Kalargiros, 2012, pp. 39-63). There is an important issue to analyse before getting deep to the skills and is the fact that leaders are not born as “leaders”. All information related to it is just a myth. (Freifeld, n.d.) Leaders can be made and therefore they can develop the skills needed. Which means that everyone is capable of becoming a leader in a management position if…

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