Essay A Large Scale Distribution Of Milk Based Fortified Spreads

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A Large-Scale Distribution of Milk-Based Fortified Spreads: Evidence for a New Approach in Regions with High Burden of Acute Malnutrition

I think research funding to created modified foods like RUF and Golden rice are extremely important in the current time we are living in. These modified foods look at a certain part of the world and help target what nutrient that the people that live there are missing. The modified foods are looking at the population as a whole, instead of individual basis which we see that organizations that make you donate a certain amount of money to adopt one child does. I am not saying that these programs are not important but I feel that maybe these two programs could cooperate with one another and come up with a system that could help a whole population of people vs. a single person each time.

This article mentions that they still need to calculate how cost effect RUF distribution is. This is the first article yet that I have seen that mentions money out right. I kills me to think how in science we can produce something like modified foods that will help a whole population somewhere and yet still money is a huge factor. We are going to have to change our mind set if we are to help the world and each other. To weigh how much money it would cost to ship/produce something like this to people surviving is disgusting in my eyes. I know that it is just idealist to wish that everything to do with the process of making modified foods or things that…

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