A Lab Report On Biology Essay

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Basic Biology
The documents I attached include a lab report, worksheets, notes and one exam. My most memorable experiences in biology were in the lab. I got to test the effectiveness of lactase drops when exposed to solutions containing different pH or temperatures. My results indicated that the lactase enzyme had the optimal catalytic activity at temperatures similar to those found in the human stomach; however, the low pH in the stomach–ranging from 2 to 5– rendered the drops ineffective because the enzymes denatured significantly as the pH was lowered to 5 (WA-COMP-2009.SCI.1.1.6.L). The biology 181 exam one was about sexual reproduction and genetics, in which I filled out a pedigree to determine the probability of gene expression when a trait is sex linked (WA-COMP-2009.SCI.1.1.6.F). I identified the organelles in a plant and an animal cell, and described their location and functions within each cell (WA-COMP-2009.SCI.1.1.6.A and WA-COMP-2009.SCI.1.1.6.C). In one of the worksheets, I drew the chemical pathways responsible for cell responses; one of them being the breakdown of glycogen to produce glucose when adrenalin ligand binds to the G protein-coupled receptors (WA-COMP-2009.SCI.1.1.6.E).
I studied the topic of the DNA replication in biology 182. The process seemed complex and begins at the torque removal of the double helix by the DNA gyrase. It then is followed by the DNA synthesis through the DNA polymerase III in a 5’ to 3’ directional synthesis–forcing one…

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