A Jury Of Her Peers By Susan Glaspell

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Women suffrage “A Jury of her peers” by Susan Glaspell is judge against the “weaker sex”, that’s why Ms. Wright, Ms. Hate, and Ms. Peters understand their suffrage and have their bond. The judge that man has against women back in the 1917 and still some of them have now have some irony and have foreshadowing. Ms. Wright was so lonely and unhappy by his husband was so cold and apprehensive with her. It has emotional intensity and domestic stereotype. The women have their place in their place in the kitchen. The 6th amendment was used here to have a jury trial to have a fair trial for Ms. Wright.
Women suffrage in the 1900’s was shameless they didn’t have a voice at all and their placed was in their home and making their husband happy. They
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Wright was a hopeful and happy person Ms. Hate told Ms. Peters “when she wore a white dress with blue ribbons and stood up in the choir and sang” (259), die in those twenty years of unhappiness he live with Mr. Wright. Ms. Hate that was a great person in the Farm and had that leadership and Ms. Peters that had that category of being the wife of the sheriff is and have and reputation to protect have understand provably the reason that Ms. Wright kill his husband for. The only thing that they worry about is the jury and how they do there job and how her being a “women” could affect her “Its all perfectly clear, except the reason for doing it[…] but you know juries when they come to women”(171). She cant defend her self if they have the evidence that no one enter to the house but they haven’t have the evidence found by them, the real evidence that is the bird (160), the box (212), and the sewing …show more content…
The unrealistic things that the husband put her thru that make her go psycho for a minute. Mr. Henderson is awful sarcastic in speech that he say and makes fun of everything that is happening “ Well I guess John Wright didn’t –wake up when they was slipping that rope under his neck” he murmur (136). The bond they have to make this bond with Ms. Wright and understanding the way she change and how reasonable was to kill Mr. Wright was understandable was easy if you go on her shoes. At the end we never know what happened but they used the sixth amendment to have a fair trial and understand that the women suffrage identify individually each women back in the days and know, they also have their bond and even if they don’t have a close relationship they understand the suffrage. “We call it—knot it, Mr. Henderson” (295) but we never know what happened at the

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