Essay A Jury Is An Important Part Of The American Courts System

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A jury is an important part of the American Courts System. Having a jury of peers is important because having multiple people decide consecutively on a case makes the ruling more legitimate and free of any biases. As a juror, it is important that you understand that you will only be deciding on the facts of the case, not the law. The judge will decide on what the law is and you simply must apply it to the facts of the case. You will not know the facts of the case until you get there. If you have seen synopsis’s of the case on television or in the news, you are not automatically disqualified from being a juror. Only if you have formed a pre-convinced opinion of the case—about who is responsible— and know that you have already solved the case, and are not wiling to change your mind, will you disqualified for initial selection. There will be anywhere between six and twelve jurors all together. The selection process that you will be going through is called Voir Dire. Though you have been called for jury duty, you are not automatically selected to be listening to the trial. Going through the selection process, not all of you will be selected. The lawyers will ask you to fill out a questionnaire over basic information about yourself beforehand. After they read over them all, some of you will be continue on to be questioned in person or in a group either by a judge or a lawyer to make sure you are competent to listen to the trial. Followed up with questions about…

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