Essay about A Interview On Food Within Multiculturalism

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For the interview portion of the research, the focus was decided to be on how the individual, MS, interacted with food in her childhood, her home, her community, her eating habits/practices, and how she felt about different aspects of food within multiculturalism. Thus, the purpose of this interview is to explore her relationship (consumption of, emotions towards, access to, and experiences) with food. MS was chosen partially out of convenience and accessibility but also because she represented aspects of the largest demographic in the neighborhood. As a white, university educated female holding a position as an insurance broker at new company in central London, she seemingly fit with the common traits of inhabitants of Archway. Other traits she possessed, however, may provide insight into less common attributes of Archway residents. These traits include her age of 24 years old, approximately 15 years under the average. As well as, her relationship status of being unmarried (although she is cohabiting with her long-term boyfriend). These aspects were considered during the next steps of the interview process. Understanding the idea that “…participants who are given a choice about where they will be interviewed may feel more empowered in their interaction with the researcher” (Elwood and Martin, 2000: 656), the participant was asked to pick the interview location in order to make her feel more comfortable and willing to divulge personal details. Choosing her flat, it was…

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