Essay on A Interview On Common Terms Used On The Homosexual Community

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In preparation for my interview I did research on common terms used in the homosexual community, I did this so that I would not use incorrect terminology and offend the person I was interviewing. This interview took place at a restaurant in Mountain City, Tennessee. I did this interview was done in a question-and-answer format the purpose of this interview is to obtain information regarding Rodney 's lifestyle as a gay man and to obtain information from Rodney as to how his life is different from my life or from individuals who identify as heterosexual. At different times during the interview friends of Rodney stop by or phone. Each of these friends identified as being gay males. I began by thanking them for talking with me. We begin their interview formerly me telling Rodney that as I understood it, he considers himself to be a gay man, and that he is really hoping to bring awareness to the community about the gay life style.
I ask him how being a gay man different from being a straight or heterosexual man. Rodney really stress the point to me is that he doesn 't place himself in any kind of a category such as the ones to society does so often. He says that he was an individual just like any other individual. He said I date as others date. I am gay, that being gay is only one part of me. I think people believe that a gay person has no life other than being gay. And that 's just not true, I work, I love, I laugh, and I cry. Just like any other person. I just happen to be a…

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