A Interview Of The Interview Essay

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At the very beginning of the interview I noticed how much I was looking down to document what Amy was saying. I was so focused on making sure I had documented everything Amy said and I think I lost some meanings by not watching her body language. If I were to put myself in Amy’s position I probably would have felt like I was just there to answer a bunch of assessment questions and the therapist really did not care what I had to say. The empathy was there in my voice, but not in my actions, so I presumably gave Amy some mixed signals. She would see me writing things down throughout the entire time she was talking and then say; “okay” as I briefly looked at her and quickly moved on to the next questions. One example was when Amy mentioned how hard it was to see her dream slip away and I reacted with another “okay.” Amy should have been given more empathy after expressing some of the pain she felt losing her business. Some active listening skills should have been applied throughout the whole interview. Instead of just saying, “Okay” after every response I should have integrated more paraphrasing, summarizing, and more open-ended questions to get Amy to elaborate on what she was talking about. A few times I did ask follow-up questions, but then I seemed to get lost on where I was in the assessment, resulting in an abrupt change in topic as I got back to my prepared questions. Instead of having this scripted clinical interview, I could have used more active listening…

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