A Great Passion For Adventure

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I feel that I have a great passion for adventure, I enjoy seeking new and exciting things to encounter each day. Throughout the years I faced many challenges and obstacles along with family setbacks throughout my life. But despite it all, I want to be successful! I want to be a person that graduate from college, and begins a career that I’m passionate about and make a completive salary. I have several friends that have been able to achieve this goal and they continue to help keep me encouraged and focused on my dreams. I believe a degree in Business Management will open the doors for a multitude of options that I can be in passionate about. After I graduated high school I took a year off to travel across the US and the Eastern Caribbean. I …show more content…
I have been blessed to have been given many wonderful opportunity with employment, learning and developing leadership skills, financial skills, and customer service. I began to notice I was a natural born leader, I began to notice I was a natural born leader, I was quickly being promoted at work and receiving great feedback from my college instructors. I took pride in demonstrating leadership in everything I did, and I knew receiving a quality education would be the key for success in anything. I was so proud of how well I was exceeding in my college life and employment I seek more challenges. Unfortunately I was given unwelcomed challenges with home life with my family. I eventually had to start working full time and after a while wasn’t able to continue going to school. I attempted going to school and working but eventually work just took over my life. It was a difficult decision to conclude. I began to have memories of the struggle I faced throughout high school. I had a hard time maintaining a high GPA. I was home schooled several times due to my mother being ill and my father worked …show more content…
Although my parents struggled with employment and finances the always encouraged me and my brothers to trust God, pray, and have faith that things will be okay. As I’ve seen my family’s leadership, work ethic, perseverance, and sacrifice given t to me and my brothers, cousins, nieces and nephew it gives me energy to keep going and knowing that one day I will have a better life by going to college and making a difference through my faith that God is with me and being a living testimony of my faith. I believe that a Colorado Christian University would help me meet my educational, professional, and spiritual goals, as a Christian I feel it would be such an amazing experience to obtain my education and be encouraged alongside other believers in Christ in the process. A big part of going to college is growing and developing who you are as a person, but being a part of a community that you all have the same faith seems to be a miracle here in America. I enjoy demonstrating leadership not only in my professional life but also in my spiritual

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