A Good Role Model And Personal Characteristics Of An Effective Leader

1.What makes a good role model and how can I ensure that I act as a role model for employees I supervise?
A good role model has behaviours and values that are desired by others. Role models are superior to their own and one of the traits that an employer looks for. You will find that a good role model will constantly apply themselves with in their organisation. A good role model has the right attitude and the ability to achieve goals that they set. They have the staying power for the long term.
A good role model will develop a clear sense of direction and distance themselves from the petty issues.
You will find a good role model will have an infectious energy that will want others following them. Role models possess an infectious energy
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How can these traits be developed?
Personal development through training and previous exposure to challenging situations, allows definitive modelling of a truly effective leader.
Consistency in relation to a positive attitude and demonstrated empathy as required, with a firm but fair aptitude, will ensure trust with in the workforce.
An effective leader shall earn respect by demonstrating personal qualities of leadership. Personal qualities of a leader are determined by attitudes formed through problem solving, and solutions with proven outcomes. Some leaders may be entrenched and difficult to change, while efficient leaders will develop and change as the need arises. Behaviour, respectability and credibility are important in a leadership role.
Demonstrated and consistent positive attitude toward work and employees, will be emulated by others.
Good behaviours of a leader will impact greatly on workplace efficiency and effectiveness.
An effective leader should be able to tackle new challenges and to push the boundaries. Effective leaders demonstrate a passion for the work and are committed. They possess the skills to make tough decisions. Successful leaders have sufficiently strong and defined goals that they actively shape to the community to support and achieve their
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A good leader is able to make staff feel that they are valued and properly supported, and will aid staff in developing career pathways making contributions to organisational success.
3.How can I ensure that my work goals and plan are aligned to the organisation’s goals and plans?
All positions have a job description and what will be required of that staff member when performing duties. To ensure that your work goals and plans are align with the organisation is to ensure the organisational strategy is meaningful to each employee.
Each person should be encouraged to examine their own role and responsibilities and devise indicators and measure their performance. Once you have identified these indicators, you can then plan what you will require to do next.
These indicators need to relate and contribute to the measures targeted by the organisation. When individuals can construct their own goals and plans, then the organisation has created a clear mechanism for aligning personal goals to the business objectives.
You may find that you will require extra professional development in some

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