Essay on A Good Representation Of Why Women Stay

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A good representation of why women stay in these relationships is the cycle of abuse. The cycle of abuse is a three part cycle that relationships go through with the severity getting greater and greater each time. The beginning stage of the cycle of abuse is the “honeymoon phase”. In this stage, the male comes across as a perfect gentleman that is loving and caring. He lures his partner in with his charm as well as his personality that he puts up. As a woman this can seem very enticing. The second stage, however, is where the conflict can begin to take place. This stage is the “tension phase”. In this stage there is less abuse. The woman can have denial that her spouse or partner is acting that way. The batterer can be very moody and quick to anger. He can be put off by anything at any moment. This stage of tension is continuing to build until the next stage has been reached. The third final stage is the “violent phase”. Everything has been escalating up to this point. This stage can become quite dangerous for the victim. Typically, physical abuse can take place during this stage. Anything can cause this final stage to take place. It is the last straw of the cycle. The batterer loses control over their emotions. This can cause any physical, sexual, or emotional violence. The victim will typically try to stop the violence and calm the batterer before anything serious takes place. Since the batterer loses sense of control this does not usually help much. After the…

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