A General Sense Of Where You See Your Own Preferred Style Essay

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• A general sense of where you see your own preferred style.
The overall result of my self-evaluation of Leadership and Management Skills returned to me as a leader. My simple survey self-assessment test was able to provide me with the result of a leader because it understood that I have the ability, and the capability to perform as a leader in my organization. I was able to demonstrate knowledge as a supervisor toward leadership and have a general sense of my preferred style as a leader. First and foremost, as a leader in my organization, I had to establish a timetable to complete a task that was given by my administrator. The task I had to accomplish was set modules to learn about the data and how to use this information to guide my lesson plans. For example, I set up a schedule with my group and once a week we met to work on the modules and to use the results found to create our lesson plans. The modules were somewhat difficult to maintain; however, with my determination and enthusiastic I motivated the remaining team to complete them as well. By having this ability to work as a group gave me the encouragement and confidence that I could challenge myself to go forward within my organization. Moreover, I had the opportunity to discuss with my team on my strategies that I used in my classroom to help students to achieve a passing goal. The administrator has asked me to share my ideas and strategies on one of the grade level, department meetings to explain the various…

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