A Friday Night Was Losing My Life Essay

929 Words Oct 20th, 2016 4 Pages
The last thing I imagined happening on a Friday night was losing my life. On February 13th, the word friendship lost value to me as I witnessed the horror of reality. Accompanied with me was my younger brother, Jesse. Together we planned on having a fun Friday night by going to the mall with my friends. As a last minute addition we decided to carpool. Carpooling is what we did being young we had no license or cars. Except two people: Kevin and Medina. Between the two the decision was simple: Kevin. The boy already had his provisional and a car; on the other hand medina had his father’s car and an arrest record full of speeding tickets and vandalism. Medina wasn’t right in the head but in a world filled with spite, I choose to ignore the bad and be his friend. It’s who I am because no one deserves to be alone a big world. The problem was Kevin didn’t get out of work till 6 and the mall had a David buster with pool that was discounted before 7. Being short pocketed, Jesse and I tried to speed Kevin up but medina ha a better plan brewing in his head. I feel my phone vibrate as the clock got closer to 7 and I answered. On the other line Medina says he’s outside with Kevin in the car. “What?” I said, “That wasn’t part of the plan.” Medina says “The plan changed come outside.” Changes don’t upset me it was just unexpected. To my surprise, the ride to the mall was fine, we even made it before 7. It was a cold February evening, me and Jesse both wore our matching Maryland…

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