Personal Narrative: Life Without Hope

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Throughout the world many people are scared and feel like there is no hope for them, they go through countless going, pushing, fighting through the tough times. They can do it because they have hope. Hope, an essential element of survival, and up brings life and gives opportunity to a fresh start, we tend to use hope from religious practices or saying prayers to ones have been deceased. Hope everywhere and everyone has it inside if them
My life wasn’t always planned out, 18 year old, senior year, collage plans, SATs, GPA’s social status. This carried on throughout my high school year. I wasn’t the brightness student, I’m always lazy soon procrastinate on big assignments didn’t really care much about school as much or my future. With stress
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She demonstrates that we must not give up and have hope within her. Without hope, we have nothing. I have learned this lesson in dealing with my Grandmother having to go through Cancer. My Grandmother soon passed away last summer. Nearly three months ago, and yet can’t believe she is gone. My Grandmother was given some years to live after finding out that she had Cancer that had gone too far and was throughout her body. It is a miracle that she lived this long and I thank God for that. My Grandmother faced death with courage, strength and never gave up hope for a miracle. My mother was there holding her hand grasping it tightly while everyone left room are at the hall gibbering tears and sound of loud sobbing. I sadly didn’t make it on time to witness her final farewells and didn’t say good bye. Many doctors were surprise she made it this far from all the countless chemo therapy appointments and many trips to the emergency room. She died being happy, my mother went a lot of pain and depression which interfered my parent’s relationship and ending them with a divorce intact. I saw her face for the last time, she looked strong ambitious, and outgoing and if she didn 't like something she would let you know there was somewhat a smile on her face when she peacefully sleeping. But she always had faith that when her time came she would go to paradise and be reunited with her parents and members

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