A Fast Paced Emergency Department Essay

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Working in a fast paced Emergency Department appears to be the goal of many nursing students as they embark on the initial voyage of their nursing journey; however, there is little known to the student who has yet to partake in their first clinical course. For example, while a fast pace, quick patient turnover, may seem to be an exciting and rewarding path; the stressful demands of ED crowding may send the inexperienced student, or nurse for that matter, running home with their tale between their legs. This is an area that I would love to work in and because of this have decided to examine further what constitutes ED crowding and if there a way to control it? The professional organization chosen to research the above questions was the Emergency Nurses Association, formed in 1968 when two nurses, Anita M. Dorr, RN and Judith C. Kelleher, RN, working on opposite sides of the country believed there was a need for ED nurses to collaborate in order to improve emergency nursing practice. What initially began as two separate coastal organizations in 1970 became one national organization in 1971; which is also the year they held their first national meeting. In addition to an annual conference, and an annual leadership conference, they offer their 40,000 members a wide array of peer reviewed articles, via the Journal of Emergency of Nursing (JEN) and a plethora of on-line learning opportunities
Journal of Emergency Nurses
The Journal of Emergency Nursing is a bimonthly…

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