Essay about A Face First By Priscilla Cummings

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Introduction “A Face First” by Priscilla Cummings, is the story of twelve year old Kelley Brennan who is involved in a horrific car accident and suffers several injuries including a broken leg and severe burns over a good part of her body. After the accident, Kelley has to suffer through a long and painful recovery including several surgeries and skin grafts. Kelley spends two months in the hospital and struggles with great physical pain and the realization that her life is forever changed by the accident. Once Kelley comes home from the hospital, she faces the recovery process and deals with the painful memories of the accident and has to face those memories head on.
Key Idea 1
Kelley’s accident occurred on a busy afternoon with her mother. They had just left dinner together and Kelley’s mother is in a hurry to get home to get their house ready for a showing. Their house is for sale because Kelley’s parents are divorced and her mother can no longer afford for them to live there. Kelley and her mother come to an intersection and they are hit by a truck driven by Quentin Hall. The accident caused injuries to Kelley, her mother and Quentin Hall. Kelley’s injuries were the most severe. She suffered severe burns to her leg, hand and face. Kelley’s mother pulled her from the car just before the entire car caught fire.
Key Idea 2
The accident caused Kelley to have severe injuries and her recovery was very long and painful. Kelley was in the hospital for two months and during…

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