A Discussion On A Qualitative Research Study Essay

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A Discussion on a Qualitative Research Study Chinese students usually pass university entrance exams in China but have an above average failure rate in universities in America. A qualitative research survey was conducted with Chinese students, local and international teachers and administrators in the high schools international programs in Beijing, Wuhan and Shijiazhuang, China. The two main objectives were to determine the possible causes for the high failure rate among Chinese students studying in American universities and to ascertain students ', teachers ' and administrators ' views concerning whether the inclusion of cultural and academic adaption courses would increase the success rate of Chinese students in their university programs abroad. The purpose of this paper is to recount the delivery and results of a survey questionnaire that was given to American-university bound Chinese high school students in Beijing, Wuhan and Shijiazhuang, China.
Limitations of the Research
Limitation One
The research for this study did have several inherent limitations. Initially, the study was principally limited due to the small sample size used in the data collection. The sample size could have been expanded by including other schools throughout China that experience the same relative difficulties for their students that eventually study in America.
Limitation Two
Another limitation to the research could have feasibly been alleviated by starting the interview process earlier.…

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