A Different Set Of Wires Essay

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A Different Set of Wires The phrase “when I grow up, I’m going to be…” is an expression that gets you thinking about what you may do with your life. 1. Although there are many occupations out there, the one I would choose would be a Special Education teacher. Those who go into the career of teaching are obviously not in it for the money, but they’re simply in it because of their love for teaching children. There is a story behind my chosen career, one that is worth sharing. My brother has been in Special-Ed all of his life, and because of his disability, he has struggled. Jerran, my brother, has had both superb and indifferent teachers. 2. Watching Jerran agonize over 1 math problem for 2 hours made me want to help him, but his brain was wired differently than mine. Unfortunately, at the time, both his teachers and I didn’t quite know how to help him. For this reason, and many others, I have decided to become a Special-Ed teacher. There are many factors to consider before becoming a Special-Ed teacher such as responsibilities/duties, educational requirements, and organizations or businesses that would employ you. 3. The responsibilities/duties include adjusting to each and every student’s learning habits, developing IEP’s (Individualized Education Program) for each student, and getting with a student privately/personally to help them understanding a certain lesson or problem (Occupation). The educational requirements for Special-Ed teachers are basically the same for…

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