Essay about A Different Co Teaching Strategy

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I learned about a different co-teaching strategy that we have not learned much about in the blocks, station teaching. It was a lot of fun to come up with each station and McKinnah and I did a good job making stations interesting for the students and varying the level of difficulty of the stations. We had four stations, with between five to six students at each station for ten minutes. I also learned that a lot of planning has to go into each station and sometimes you have to employ help for your stations or you have scaffold students so they are eventually independent enough to complete a station on their own. We had our stations each ran by a teacher candidate. Also, by preparing the stations, we had to make sure we understood the material and make sure to troubleshoot the possible problems students might have completing the station.

• What went well (or not)?
I think the strengths of the lesson was all of our stations were different and played to the student’s interests. We had a station where students found the area and perimeter of a picture of their name, a station where they found the perimeter of pattern block pictures, a station where they rolled two dice and built a square with those areas with squares tiles and found the area and perimeter, as well as a station where they created their own rectangles and found the area and perimeter of their self- made shapes. The students loved it and we had no major behavior issues and the students transitioned well between…

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