A Desire Of The Heart Essay

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A Desire of the Heart
Shirley and I were married between the Arts and Theology years of university so our financial resources were very tight. I was working on a tree nursery farm just south of Winnipeg for the summer months between semesters as well as preparing for a move to seminary in Saskatoon. As a result, we could not afford to take off more time than a four-day weekend. This was hardly enough time for my face to heal from all the mosquito bites I had acquired while riding a tree planter in the Red River Valley in prime pest season. The only way as planters we could survive was by wearing winter jackets with the hoods pulled tightly around the face. It did not take long for the repellent to wear off so with both hands busy working the planting process the mosquitoes had open season around the eyes and nose. What a sight we were by the time the weekend rolled around, not to mention the aching muscles that had not had any exercise all winter. The first desire of the heart was just to survive the heavy daily manual labour for the summer, and the second desire of the heart was to share the move and theology years with Shirley as a married couple learning and growing together. Shirley was a wonderful blessing as she typed my many essays and presentations and probably remembered more of the content than I did!
Twenty-five years later, the honeymoon plans came to fruition. By this time, I had saved up…

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