A Day in Orlando Florida Essay

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You enter through the front gate and immediately your ears are filled with the sounds of kids and adults alike laughing away. Chuckling and giggling simply fill the air. As you continue along your eyes come across all sorts of life size characters: Shamu the whale, a sea otter, penguins with their tuxedo-like fur, Franklin the turtle, and even Elmo with his soft red fur. As you progress further into the park, the smell of roasting turkey legs, reminding you of Thanksgiving, and freshly popped buttered popcorn fills your nostrils. You can’t escape the smell. The whole time you get to enjoy the company of your family and friends. Once you get to the heart of the park, you get to see all sorts of real life animals up close. In the …show more content…
In the second paragraph, I describe the “hot, humid air” and the “stench of fish.” From the first paragraph, I chose to omit these things in order to make it seem more appealing. In the second paragraph, I also make use of strategy number five which is “use sentence structure to emphasize or de-emphasize your ideas”, such as using short sentences to emphasize main points. “The cold is almost too much” and “the hot, humid air just adds to the mix” are both incredibly short sentences that are straight forward and to the point. I make use of the same strategy in the first paragraph with the sentence “chuckling and giggling simply fill the air.” By doing this exercise, I became better at writing descriptive pieces. I learned how to use the strategies in the text to give my reader a picture in their head of whatever I’m writing about. In this particular instance, through the use of words I was able to take the reader through a day in Sea World. I was able to use all five of my senses to describe what was going on that

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