A Critique Of Containment Analysis

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Toward the end of the second world war, on April 12, 1945, the new, inexperienced Harry Truman progressed toward becoming president and instantly stood up to issues of baffling magnitude and complicated problem. The war had changed the balance of power in Europe, remove colonial empires and political disturbance within nations. One of the concerns was the broken down of the U.S wartime alliance with the Soviet Union. After the fall of Nazi’s regime, the Soviets were forcing their influence of communism and military control over the region. While the white house insisted that the European nation should follow the American path by open their minds the ideas about democracy and free trade business. In contrast, the Soviets were determined to …show more content…
He argues that The Truman Doctrine is completely misunderstood on many major points. Walter Lippmann debate that the policy is misjudging the Soviet believe and suggest that the American policy is a monstrosity. Lippman’s believed that these decisions will lead the war with the Soviet Union, as well as exaggerated the problem, military issues, and unnerve the American individuals by escalating the Cold War. Furthermore, Lippmann explained that what Soviet did was try to influence their own power toward the nation that was used to be part of their own nation like Belarus or Lithuania. He limited the threat and influence role of the …show more content…
Kennan, an American diplomat support the policy of containment. Kennan suggested that the American government should stop the influence of the Soviet in every way. Interestingly, both Lippmann and Kennan agreed that the Soviet power should be suppressed by the American power while at the same time rejected the ideas of goes a war with the Soviet. To many people the Cold War period was a huge winning success to the American side and theirs later generations, Since the arms race between the U.S and Soviet has brought to the high tension which led to the creation of the new technology era, space exploration and established the United States into a superpower nation and allies closer with the western nations and Japan. However, many critics include myself believe that this event lead to a series of the new modern issues such as the Korean and Vietnam War, China turn to communist and the nuclear weapons issues.

Kennan’s ideology was deliberately risky to the United States entering the war conflict with the Soviet. One of the problem was it gave the Soviet Union an advantage to pick the confrontation for the territories like Korea. In my opinion, Kennan’s ideology is less persuasive because in my opinion, the U.S government at the time was over exaggerated the upcoming power of the Soviet. In addition, Lippmann also points out that the containment policy did nothing but to scare their own American

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