A Critical Review Of Troy Sarina And Russell D. Lansbury 's Article ' Flying High And Low ' Strategic

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A critical review of Troy Sarina and Russell D. Lansbury’s article, “Flying high and low? Strategic choice and employment relations in Qantas and Jetstar.” Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources (2013) 51, pp.437–453.
Examining Sarina and Lansbury’s (2013) article on the two airline Qantas and Jetstar, it is seen that the conducted study concerns the strategic choices that the airlines adopted in relation to the changing factors that affected the aviation industry. This research aims to explore and unfold the different changes in strategies regarding the employment relations of the airlines. The article sought the business strategies of Qantas and Jetstar in order to remain engaging in a competitive market. The study reveals that the airlines have adopted a “Hybrid road” model of employment relations which involves a combination of high and low road strategies. This essay’s purpose is to critically analyse the study conducted by Sarina and Lansbury. In order to do so, it will first focus on the central argument that the model of employment relation selected from Qantas is Hybrid. Secondly, by exploring the methodology chosen in order to convey the study. Finally, analysis to which extent has the study successfully examined and unfold the business and employment relations strategies of the airlines in order to sustain their capacity to remain at high competition in the aviation industry.
To resume Sarina and Lansbury’s central argument, the article shows an in depth…

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