The Theme Of Flight By Sherman Alexie

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Flight is a novel written by Sherman Alexie. The story is written in the first-person perspective from the viewpoint of a Native American teenager who calls himself Zits. Zits is a foster child who has spent the majority of his life moving from house to house and dealing with negativity and abusive family experiences. In the story Zits is transported back in time to several different periods of american violence. Each of the experiences he is transported into lead him to reflect on his past and to confront the way he actually feels about things. That being said by the end of the novel Zits was a different person with a different mentality. Due to all the problems and issues he had faced, it made him view life in a negative way and because …show more content…
At the start of the novel Zits was ashamed of who he was and what he looked like.The reason he called himself Zits was because his face was full of zits. He felt like his real name was of no importance and so he decided to name himself after his pimples. “But you can die of shame. And trust me,my zit-shame is killing me.”(Alexie 4) With this quote you can even clearly see that he was ashamed of himself. It was so bad that he believed his appearance could actually be fatal and kill him.The way zits felt about himself affected a lot of the decisions he made and limited him to what he is actually capable of. By the end of the story he learned that his self appearance wasn 't as important and that just because he felt ugly it didn 't mean he necessarily needed to do ugly things. As for his name, by the end he finally realized the importance of his name and he wanted to be called Michael. He no longer wanted to be called by Zits because that wasn 't who he was. His pimples did not define him and he learned …show more content…
Being able to forgive and forget is vital in life. One can 't live with hate and revenge in your heart,it isn 't healthy. Revenge makes everything worse, it 's like mixing fire with fire it will only make a bigger fire. Zits learned how to forgive through the transitions he took of the different personas. He was given the chance see life in the perspective of others and see what they did. All the betrayal and discomforts he had faced through his life is what made him not be able to forgive. He was stuck in his past and his trust was all messed up. The biggest moment that portrayed that Michaels growth and ability to forgive was when he was transported into his father 's body. He learned that even the person he believed to hate the most can go through terrible situations just as he did. He realized that others have feelings just like he does and he begin to empathize with them. “I’m beginning to think I’ve been given a chance. I’m beginning to think that I might get unlonely. (Alexie 180) He not only is giving others chances but he is giving himself a chance. Being able to forgive and give chances is not easy but it is possible. The whole transitioning from body to body and learning from story to story changed Its perspective and mindset

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