A Critical Reason About Ancient Greek Mythology Essay

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A critical reason why ancient Greek mythology has remained recognizable in today’s culture lies in battlefield of the Trojan War. Although many scholars question whether or not the Trojan War actually happened as Homer described it in his infamous epic poem the Illiad, archeological excavations of the city of Troy in Turkey have uncovered that the city was indeed destroyed by a war in 1180 B.C. (Korfmann). Evidence that a war did in fact take place around the city of Troy, which was an affluent city in its prime, continues to accumulate. With this being said, for argumentative purposes, one can regard the Trojan War as a historical event. More important than the actual Trojan War was the epic poem Illiad by Homer, which earned the Trojan War a permanent spot in history. The abundance of mythology present in Homer’s epic poem, which remains a celebrated literary work today, has greatly contributed to the large role mythology still has in present-day culture. When one thinks of the Trojan War, the first image that arises in his mind is the massive Trojan horse, constructed of wood by master carpenters on the side of the Greeks. Inside this immense wooden masterpiece hid a battalion of Greek soldiers, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting civilians inside Troy’s impregnable walls. From this brilliant military tactic comes the phrase commonly used in modern-day English vernacular: “Trojan Horse”, which describes someone or something that dismantles another thing from within (Green…

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