Essay on A Concept Analysis Developed By Leslie And Lonneman

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The purpose of the concept analysis developed by Leslie and Lonneman was to review literature of other scholars to determine if the development of trusting relationships between the patient and RN in the home health care setting resulted in better patient outcomes.
The article, “Promoting Trust in the Registered Nurse–Patient Relationship”, was developed through the implementation of Rodgers evolutionary method of concept analysis, which she developed in 1989 (p.59). The evolutionary method includes six steps: (a) Identification of the concept; (b) Identification of a setting and sample; (c) Identification of the attributes and contextual basis of the concept through the collection of data; (d) Analyzing the data; (e) Identification of an exemplar; (f) Identify a hypothesis and implications for further development. Utilizing Rodgers method, Leslie and Lonneman identified “the antecedents, attributes, and outcomes of trusting relationships between RNs and patients in home healthcare” (McEwen & Wills, 2014).
Identification of the Concept
Trust is defined as an assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of

someone or something or one in which confidence is placed (Webster, 2008). Leslie and

Lonneman analyzed the concept of patient trust in the home healthcare nurse contributing to

better patient outcomes. They posited that once a trusting relationship was developed, the patient

would be more actively involved in their care and achieve better…

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