A Company 's Success Is Largely Dependent On The Human Resource Management Department ( Hrmd )

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A company 's success is largely dependent on the Human Resource Management Department (HRMD). Every company that employs a large amount of people, most likely has a department that handles personnel. The HRMD has many functions. I will elaborate on three of these functions which are; recruitment of personnel, training and development, and performance appraisals. Each of these function works in conjunction with each other and other function to help the company become successful through the people that are employed there.

Recruitment of personnel

Recruiting personnel is more commonly referred to as hiring. The process of recruiting starts with attracting the right candidates for the job. How do companies attract the right candidates? The job posting is an important tool that is used in attracting people to a job opening. Listing the duties for the job, along with the requirements are some ways a person can determine if they are suited for a particular job. After attracting a pool of potential employees, a human resources (HR) specialist can now begin the selection process. Most companies use an online application process. This enables them to use software that will screen out candidates ' applications and resumes that are not qualified for the job. This process could be followed by many other things such as a drug test, background check, or knowledge test. The main step after the application is the interview. It is after this step that the HR specialist determines who…

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