A Closer Look At Personality Traits And How They Directly Impact Our Lives

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A closer look at personality traits and how they directly impact our lives are the foundations for the Myers- Briggs test. Reasoning behind certain behaviors have been a phenomena for quite some time and when coupled with employee development, this research plans to maximize productivity amongst our highly diverse workforce. Managers and business owners have obtained, what they believe are the necessary resources to reach ideal outcomes in the work place through typology and temperament testing. After testing and examining the results of the data, I have found that I am categorized as ENFJ (extraversion, intuition, feeling, and judgement). Scores ranging from 1% extraversion to 22% judging place me in distinct company with similar givers and translates into job opportunities that are service oriented, heavily involving people. Understanding the outcomes of personality testing and how the results can be applied to highlight the potential strengths and weaknesses within an organization allows for a better sense of people and how they can be paired together or separated for efficiency throughout one’s personal and professional life.

Project 1: Myers-Briggs Personality Test
Step 1: Personality Test Results
Extrovert (1%)
Testing has revealed that I have marginal or no preference towards extraversion or introversion, with only 1% of my qualities deemed extroverted. This determination bodes well considering my demeanor as I can truly lean one way or the other depending on…

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