A Child With Special Needs Essay

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Special needs is a term that is used in clinical diagnosis. It describes individuals who require assistance whether it is medical, mental, or even psychological. Children with special needs are a wonderful part of our world today. Under this umbrella, there are many different types of diseases that come along with the term. The severity of a child’s diagnosis varies. A child with special needs brings a whole new life to those who they are around. After watching the two movies, Lorenzo’s Oil and The Other Sister, my eyes were opened even more about living with children who have special needs.
Lorenzo’s Oil is based on a true story of Michalla and Augosto Odone and their son Lorenzo. When Lorenzo is just five years old he is diagnosed with a disease called Adrenoleukodystrophy also called ALD. Once he is diagnosed the Odone’s do everything they can to find a cure for this terminal disease. After talking with doctors, they find out that Lorenzo only had about two years to live. With that being said both Michalla and Augosto do everything in their power to lengthen his prognosis. ALD is a genetic disorder that is X-linked. This disease causes the body to not be able to break down the long chain of fatty acids, because of this the myelin sheath that is around the nerves in the brain and the spinal cord begins to deteriorate. There are many symptoms that one produces such as hyperactivity, decreased school performance, difficulty understanding verbal communication, hard time…

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