A Child With A Learning Disability Essay

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For a Child With a Learning Disability, There’s Such a Thing As Too Much Help From The New York Times
This article is based on a case of a child with a language-based learning disability, and the mom struggled with making her child more independent. Similar, the process of creating the habit of completing schoolwork without being prompted or having assistance throughout the assignment completion.
The mother confessed to appreciate the work done by the aide who shadowed her son throughout school hours, and who the aide helped him to complete efficiently his work. However, she noticed how her son was later incapable of completing schoolwork by himself, and how prompt-dependent he became. As her son struggled with being focus without the one-on-one support provided throughout his kindergarten years, she decided to enroll her son in a summer camp before he entered fifth grade, thus, he detach and develop autonomy.
She registered him as any typical child to unravel what she called “the shepherd effect” referring to her son constant need for guidance as a lack of self-reliance. After the nature summer camp, her son was perfectly capable of handling new environments on his own with minimal support. Now, her son is not longer in a public school but in a specialized learning environment where he works in a group of four peers and each urge one another to finish their work if needed. Her son has now developed autonomy and freedom.
“This is where the…

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