Essay on A Catholic Church Service Boring And Repetitive

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All of my life, I have been a Catholic. Before I was even able to do anything on my own, I was baptized as a baby into this faith. Growing up, I went to church weekly with my parents and sisters. In my younger years, I never understood why I was here. It was hard for me to pay attention during mass. I didn’t care much for what an old Caucasian man had to say. But, for my parents’ sake, I sat quietly and did whatever I had to. It wasn’t until my later teenage years that I came to truly understand my religion. Yes, some may find going to a Catholic Church service boring and repetitive. But, if you find the right church with a good pastor, you’ll feel connected and actually learn something. Recently, one of my father’s friends invited us to his church for a prayer service. The church was Pentecostal; the total opposite in setting of a Catholic church. While Catholic churches are quiet and uniform in nature, Pentecostal Christian churches are loud and spontaneous.
During the service, people sung loud while clapping their hands. People were allowed to get up and jump around, something totally not accepted in a Catholic church. At first, I felt very uncomfortable. Even though Pentecostal Christians believe in almost the same things as Catholics, I felt as though I was betraying my religious beliefs. There were times throughout the service where people “fainted” and claimed to be “feeling the Holy Spirit”. As I was standing there watching this was happen, I couldn’t help but…

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