A Case Management Supervisor With Human Options Essay example

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I am excited by the opportunity to work as a Case management supervisor with Human Options. My interactions with Human Options team members, a review of the website, annual reports and documentation helped me form the beginnings of my action plan. However, it will be adapted as I gain institutional knowledge.
• As a Case Management Supervisor, I would aim to gain an understanding of the core metrics for the effective performance of Human Options. Comprehensive metrics would consist of both quantifiable and qualitative measures. Some potential indicators are:
• What percentage of domestic abuse survivors reach out to Human Options depending on the catchment area identified by the organization and in coordination with the organizations in the same sector?
• Of the individuals who have experienced violence and who reach out to Human Options, how many are enrolled for the 30-days Emergency Shelter program?
• Of the cases enrolled for the 30-days program, how many transition to the 6 months transitional housing program?
• Of all cases enrolled for the transitional housing program, how many go on to acquire permanent housing? (Measure of rehabilitation in all probability is a non-numerical metric)
Of the above listed and more relevant indicators derived from the data analysis, we can identify the key indicators that measures for success in line with organizational goals.

• The key indicators would always be an outcome, subject to external and environmental factors…

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