A Case Involving Pediatric Patient Essay

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A1: Sentinel Event
This is a case involving pediatric patient by the name Tina, whom they thought she was abducted from the hospital. Tina and her mum arrived that morning of September 14 at the hospital and they were checked in with the registrar. The admission registrar collected Tina’s demographic information and insurance card as required by the hospital policy and entered it into the medical records. Tina’s mother signed the consent paper work for Tina’s surgery at the admission. No custody information was obtained at the admission.
Tina was admitted and pre-op nurse gave Tina mother consent forms to sign. The pre-op nurse did some assessment, and started her IV and administered her pre-op medication. Tina’s mum informed the pre-op nurse that during the surgery she is going do something with her son. She gave the pre-op nurse her name and phone number in case the surgery is done before she came back. The pre-op nurse wrote down Tina’s mother phone number on the notepad, so she could call when the surgery was done

Tina went in for surgery and the surgery was done perfectly and the surgeon did an excellent job. But the surgeon was upset with the whole situation and stated that this kind of negligent behavior could cause big problem for him and the hospital.
After the surgery the recovery nurse called out to the waiting area and paged for the mother who never respond because she was not in the area. The patient was later transferred to the discharge nurse who did the…

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