A Car Advertisement From The German Company Bmw Essay

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The Primary Source that I have chosen is a 2002 car advertisement from the German company BMW. This photo shows an undressed man lying on top of an undressed woman in bed. A BMW magazine showing a red car covers the women’s face. The portrayal of the men and women suggest that they are having an intercourse. The slogan “the ultimate attraction” is written in small clear white writing and is situated in the centre of the picture and stands between the men and the women. The slogan blends very well with the setting, especially the white sheets of the bed. Another important detail regarding this picture is the hand position of the men and women. Both of the women hands are around the men’s neck, whereas the man’s hands are on the side in order to allow him to have a good view of the magazine. We can also see the logo of the German company and some writing on the top right corner of the advertisement. Another very important detail to note is the background. We can see green curtains with a very distinct see through light behind the curtain which seems to put the scene under the projector and can indicates that it is night time. This car advertisement is a great example as it offers many visual aspects of sexism, gender inequality and identity. The portrayal of the men positioning definitely contributes to the characteristics of a male identity. The man lying on top of the woman gives a sense of male dominance. It shows that he is in command; he is

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