A Brief Note On The Role Of Student Nurse Essay

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Monday, November 2nd: Today I was in the role of student nurse. I had two patients. One patient was a new patient and the other patient was a continuing patient from the past few weeks. At first, I was assigned two new patients I had never previously had, but the patients had two different nurses, so I had to be switched to the patient I have previously worked with to have one nurse. I was not unhappy with this switch because my goals for the day involved working with this patient. The first patient I went to see was my patient I have previously worked with. I chose to see her first because she was the more critically ill patient. She had recently had C. dif added to her list of complications and I want to make sure she was not having any issues first. I learned that although my patient was positive for C. dif, she did not have diarrhea and in fact, she was constipated. I ended up needing to administer a medication for constipation. All day she rated her pain and nausea at an eight but refused her pain and anti-emetic medications. I also found out that she is being discharged to a skilled nursing facility sometime this week, after being in the hospital for almost three months.
I wanted to find out how she was doing emotionally, so I started by asking her about her about her breakfast, which was egg salad. Which lead her to telling me about how her sister eats eggs all the time. Which allowed me to be able to ask about her family, and so on. I found out that many members…

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