A Brief Note On The Epic Hero Journey Essay

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My Epic Hero Journey In this essay I will be deliberating my threshold transition when I am thirty years. I will include five to seven decisions that will change my perspective about life. My five to seven decisions will include me making good grades, A friends death, moving out, marriage, college, and having children.Buy the time I am thirty I hope to wake up in a nice modern house in the suburban part of Charlotte or Raleigh. I will wake to see my husband who is probably getting ready for work. When I am thirty I hope to see myself getting dress for the dental office because I became a dentist after four years of college, but before I go I would help t fix the kids breakfast and put them on the bus. An individual future depends on the decision’s they make in the present. My first threshold transition would being making good grades through out my high school year. In order to receive those good grades you have to put some work into it. In the Princess and the Frog Tiana’s father was explaining to her that if she want something in life she has to go out there and work for it; wishing on a star is only half of the story. If I want outstanding grades then I would have to put the work into it. Knowing about the lesson is not enough I would need to understand what the material is about. Once I comprehend what I am learning I will be able to do excellent on the test; therefore I will have good grades. Another threshold transition would be Morgan Bristol death. Her death…

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